ICDL Canada Approved Courseware

Courseware and training materials that are created specifically for ICDL and meet the criteria established by the ECDL Foundation around the world.  Further approvals and localization are obtained from ICDL Canada.    

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Privacy Legislation in Canada

Candidates are encouraged to review the following document containing data protection legislation information for Canada - Privacy Legislation for Candidates.

Key to abbreviations in vendor table:

Please refer to the last column of the chart to determine what ICDL Canada approved materials are available.  An explanation of abbreviations follows:

EC -- e-Citizen

SV4 – ICDL Syllabus Version 4 – ICDL Core (Modules 1 to 7)

Advanced Modules:

  • AM3 – Advanced Module 3 – Word Processing
  • AM4 – Advanced Module 4 – Spreadsheets
  • AM5 -- Advanced Module 5 -- Database
  • AM6 -- Advanced Module 6 -- Presentation

F – French
E – English

Please note that SV3 was retired as a standard in Canada on December 31, 2004.





CIA Trainig

Since 1985 CiA Training Ltd have delivered classroom based IT training throughout the UK.  For each of the ICDL and ICDL Advanced modules we have produced a manual that has been written specifically to the ICDL syllabus.  Each manual takes a step-by-step exercise based approach which steers the user around the different features needed to pass the ICDL exams.  The material is supplied with a CD containing data files to be used in conjunction with the exercises. 

Please contact ICDL Canada for details.
E-mail: info@icdl.ca
Phone: 905-602-8094

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WinXP Office 2003

WinXP Office 2002

Win2K Office2000






Skill Soft

SkillSoft's goal is to be the first choice provider of e-learning solutions. Our mission is to maximize human capital performance by linking learning strategy with corporate strategy.
With a comprehensive learning solution, comprised of high-quality learning resources and flexible technology approaches, SkillSoft helps its customers achieve sustainable and measurable business results. These solutions are designed to support all levels of the organization and can easily be adapted to meet strategic business initiatives, on-demand information needs and individual job roles.
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 See SkillSoft's list of ICDL course material

Mind Leaders MindLeaders offers over 1000 courses covering topics such as ICDL/ECDL, desktop and professional development, CISCO, Novell, MCP, MSCE, and Microsoft Office Specialist curricula. Course features include skill assessments and task-based simulations to replicate actual applications. A full-curriculum search allows learners to browse through the courses to quickly find the information they need. Courses include a glossary, sample exercises, and coding examples that can be modified, compiled, and run.

Individuals - Please go to http://link.mindleaders.com

Corporate - Please go to http://corporate.mindleaders


Advanced Learning

The Advance Learning Interactive multimedia ICDL solution for Canada incorporates animation, sound and text to teach you and your learners the ICDL syllabus through a series of interactive simulations of common office applications. Simulated courseware means that you will not need to have the applications installed on your computer to learn how to use office software. Our online solution can be accessed by students anywhere at anytime and boasts an administration feature for trainers who like to see their learners progress through the course - ideal for geographically distributed groups or for those who wish to train at their own pace. Follow the link, complete the inquiry form and receive instant access to our demo!
Advance Learning
89 Headquarters Plaza
North Tower, 14th Floor
Morristown, NJ USA 07960
US phone: (609) 935-0808
Website: http://www.advancelearning.com
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Que , Pearson

Que Publishing’s ICDL Exam Cram 2 covers exactly what readers need to know to earn their International Computer Driving License credential. This book is the perfect solution for readers of all skill levels. For those who are more familiar with the exam material, the Exam Cram is the ideal refresher that ensures you have covered the essentials. For those in need of more in-depth study materials, the ICDL Exam Cram 2 is the ultimate complement guide for larger training guides, instructor-led classes, and/or CBT training.

Available through local booksellers and
Website: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca

Electric Paper

Electric Paper was the first company in the world to offer an approved eLearning solution for ICDL certification. We have years of experience in deploying successful ICDL implementations around the world,and to date hundreds of schools, colleges, training organizations and government institutions rely on Electric Paper to help them achieve their ICDL targets. Electric Paper’s ICDL materials incorporate interactive lessons, pre- and post-learning evaluations and a tracking facility, which you can use in either traditional tutor-led, independent learning or in blended learning environments. The unrivalled level of interactivity combined with comprehensive, constructive feedback stimulates learner motivation, which significantly increases completion rates and attainment levels. And because no induction training is required, it's exceptionally easy to use even for non-IT specialists.

For further details please contact Electric Paper by email at tteeder@thirdforce.com


Thomson Course Technology

Course Technology is part of Thomson Learning and the worldwide leader in computing education, offering more than 1,600 print and technology-based training products. The breadth of our product portfolio, the strength of our technology tools and the coverage of our distribution is unrivaled throughout the U.S. and abroad.

William De Villiers
Marketing Manager Course Technologies products
Thomson Nelson Learning
1120 Birchmount Road
Toronto, ON M1K 5G4
Phone: 416-752-9100 X 2032
ICDL/ECDL Syllabus 4
Office 2003
Volumes 1 and 2

ISBN 0-619-24241-8


*All products listed here have first been approved by the European Computer Driving Licence Foundation and have been localized and approved for use in Canada by ICDL Canada. (unless noted Otherwise) To purchase materials made available online through ICDL Canada click hereOr, download a PDF based order form suitable for faxing with credit card details.

Download a free copy of Acrobat Reader if required.