ECDL/ICDL has many programs. ICDL and ECDL have the same meaning. ICDL is the primary term used for about 110 participating countries internationally.  ECDL is used for 30 European countries.

ICDL Canada delivers a spectrum of computer use skills certification covering all levels of competence, from the beginner to the advanced user.

The ICDL Modules represent the definition of what one really needs to know and be able to do in each particular aspect of computer use to be considered competent in the workplace or higher education. ECDL/ICDL Certifications are the worldwide standard most recognized for employment, colleges and universities.

The pages in this part of the website cover program matters in more detail...

ICDL has expanded considerably beyond the former Core and Start designations. There is now improved flexibility, continuous learning and some cost reductions brought by New ICDL. Why not update and/or add to your ICDL Certificate.

The two following articles discuss the Modules that make up the Base, Intermediate and the Advanced series of Modules and gives link access to individual Module Summaries.

Finally there is a summary of the Module makeup of Certificate designations: Essentials, Base, Standard, Advanced and Expert as well as "Profile".