ICDL, as you likely know, stands for International Computer Driving Licence. Its 7 Modules have been here since its birth in the mid 1990’s. They have been updated comprehensively 5 times through Syllabus overhauls. Further updates have occurred during the life of each Syllabus version because of the progression of reflected software. Every time a new version of the office application or system software arrived new tests and courseware had to be prepared.

Further developments of the concept came with the addition of Advanced Modules which allowed candidates to seek certification of their skills as power users. It was because of ICDL Advanced that ICDL became ICDL Core. Soon, individuals who sought a milestone certification along the way were offered ICDL Start which was available for any four Core Modules. These various groups of Modules each had their associated Skills Card. Registration was done for each program-set represented by a Skills Card. We even had the Completion PAC so you could move on from Start to complete the full ICDL Core. Finally there was an Expert Certificate for those who achieved all four Advanced Modules.

The new profile registration cut through this complex framework. Candidates register once and their record is maintained indefinitely in their ICDL Personal Testing Account. It allows much greater flexibility so that programs can be more easily tailored to interests, job requirements or academic pursuits. Candidates begin with an initial program that will include delivery of one validation and Certificate. When the candidate subsequently pursues additional ICDL Modules, they will acquire an ICDL Expansion PAC for the number of additional Modules desired. When completed this will include a new validation and and an updated ICDL Certificate showing their progress. ICDL Canada Certificates now show all the latest/unique passed Modules.

There is big news at the individual Module level too. (The links here connect you to the Module Summaries for each mentioned Module.)

See the Availability of New ICDL Module components for the timing of Courseware.