First consider what computer use skills you already have and how confident you already feel when using a computer.

  • If you are just starting out or don't yet feel confident, you may consider the option of doing the ICDL Essentials Profile Certification.
  • This would also be sufficient if you simply want to be more comfortable using the Internet, as well as to generally participate in the information society.
  • The 2 Essentials Modules can also be an effective steppingstone for those that wish to build a stronger ICDL Profile over time.
  • If you have a lot of computer skills and confidence in using the computer you can do all four Base Modules and 3 or more of the Standard Modules. Self-paced study might also be a good choice for you. This will probably add several dimensions to your already well developed computer use skills set. More importantly it will give you internationally recognized proof that you have such skills.
  • You have a well-rounded ICDL Profile already and are very confident – why not become an ICDL EXPERT and do 3 or 4 of the Advanced Modules.

Second determine what level of skill you want/need to attain.Path of Digital Proficiency

  • You need the skills for personal reasons and the self-satisfaction that you have them.
  • You are planning to participate in higher education and want to be sure you have solid computer skills for this level. A Vice-Academic of a major University once referred to such skills as tools for learning. An ICDL Standard PAC will provide you with considerable scope. Many institutions will recognize well-chosen credentials for advanced standing or transfer credit.
  • You want to be more competitive in the job market. The ICDL Modules give good general definitions of what you really need to know and be able to do with a computer to be considered a competent computer user at work.
  • You have or are planning to get your ICDL and will need to take it to the next level because you are in finance or accounting making spreadsheets a major part of your work. You would plan to expand your profile with both Spreadsheets and Advanced Spreadsheets Modules.
  • Similarly, someone working with records may want to add both Database and Advanced Database to their profile.
  • Someone in publishing corporate documents or legal administration may want to do Advanced Word Processing after completing the very important four Base Modules.
  • This leaves presenters. People in sales and marketing, trainers and others who want more can do Advanced Presentations after adding the Standard Module, Presentations.

Finally, plan to start with an ICDL Profile Certification that you feel is attainable and afterward decide to move to your next profile.

One of the strong recommendations for doing Advanced Modules is that you first do the corresponding Base/Standard Module. Eventually, you may complete three or four of the Advanced Modules for which you will receive the ICDL Expert Certificate.

We have prepared a Candidate's Brochure in PDF format that you can download. It is designed to further your considerations, planning and expansion of your New ICDL Profile -- To help you answer the question: "Which ICDL Program is for me?