Digitally literate teachers using technology to teach more effectively, become more productive.

ICT skills enable teachers to use technology more effectively in the teaching process. Therefore, they achieve educational goals more efficiently and, in doing so, save time and increase productivity in the classroom.

ICDL Saves Time for Teachers

Using software applications to simplify routine tasks relieves teachers and staff of time-consuming administrative burdens, enabling them to:

  • Manage student data electronically in an effective manner
  • Receive and correct homework/projects in electronic format
  • Communicate with students and parents
  • Track and monitor student attendance and performance
  • Manage enrolments and disseminate information
  • Prepare and improve lesson plans
  • Use classroom teaching aids, such as interactive white boards, more effectively with better prepared and organized content

Teachers tell us that using media beyond "chalk and talk" encourages today's students to be more engaged and generates more profound learning outcomes.

Teachers that are highly skilled in computer use can more confidently demonstrate to students the benefits of their essential skills and help them be more effective and productive learners.

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