iStock 000003658521croppedMoving? Any ECDL/ICDL Skills Card with one or more passed tests or a Certificate can be transferred to other ECDL/ICDL countries.

If you move to a new residence in Canada from somewhere else in Canada or from another country, ICDL Canada can validate your credentials. As a resident of Canada, you may, through the Certificate Transfer Validation process, obtain a Canadian ICDL certificate in French or English that is equivalent to the one you received in your country of origin.

Conversely, if you are heading to another country from Canada, where you will establish residency, you will be able to get your Canadian ICDL Certificate validated there and receive the local equivalent ECDL/ICDL documents.

This process also covers partially completed Skills Cards for which ICDL Canada receives validation from the jurisdiction where they were originally completed. You will not need to retake any tests that you have already passed if the transfer is within three years of final certification.

This is an extensive program. There are more than 140 countries where ECDL/ICDL programs operate. ECDL and ICDL are the same except for the name. Countries in Europe use the ECDL designation and the rest of the world, including Canada, uses the International or ICDL designation.

There are specific procedures for the validation process. They involve submitting your original ECDL/ICDL Profile Registration and, if achieved, Profile Certificate (ECDL/ICDL Certificate or Skills Card if done in the last three years) to the National Operator or their designated representative. (Some countries like the UK have used a Log Book which performs the same function as a Skills Card.) A passport is best for proof of identity and is the required photo identification for international validations. Once your credentials are validated, an equivalent document will be prepared for personal presentation by the National Operator directly or through a designated representative for this purpose.

We start with a completed application form that can be submitted along with copies of the required documents and the applicable service fee. The original document will be examined and photo ID can then take place at the time of presenting the equivalent documents.  This approach reduces the number of trips and speeds the procedure which can take as little as two or three weeks from the receipt of the completed application.

Please contact ICDL Canada for the forms when you are settled in your new Canadian residence through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..