iStock 000026308017XSmallInterested in getting tested for your ICDL Certification but not close to an ICDL Canada Authorized Test Centre? Custom Testing may be the answer.

Custom Testing Services are available in most urban centres in Canada where there is broadband Internet service and we can arrange local proctoring.

You must be a Resident of Canada to enroll in ICDL Canada programs.

ICDL Standards are being continually expanded and updated . There are several Modules offered. Each gives you proof of competence when you have passed its proctored Certification Test.

The ICDL Canada tests and training material are currently most commonly available in reflections of either Windows 8 or 10 and Office 2013, and Windows 10 and Office 2016. (Some ICDL Modules have other software reflections like Kompozer, Gimp, MS Project, etc.) 

Although the Certification Tests have a time limit of 45 minutes each, the average time taken is approximately 20 minutes. You can decide to do the tests in any order – we recommend the most familiar to the least familiar when feasible.

Under the conditions of ICDL Canada Custom Testing you do the tests by appointment with a Proctor at an ICDL Canada designated institution. To keep the fees as low as possible we set this Custom Testing program up with the understanding that you will do a minimum of 2 tests at each sitting. E.g. in a 7 Module program that could mean 2 tests for two sittings plus 3 tests at one sitting.  Nevertheless, some very well prepared Candidates do all 7 tests in two sessions or even one.

Upon registration and receipt of payment, we set up your Personal Testing Account and a Custom Testing Service for you in a location as near as possible to your residence. Your Personal Testing Account gives you on-line access to Diagnostic Tests, results of all tests, and purchased available e-learning materials. In addition to your individual Custom Testing service fee, repeat tests, if required later, incur an additional fee.

E-learning is available for many Modules.

Text-based, self-study courseware is also available. The text-based offering is extensive and currently being expanded to cover most modules -- these will come available in the first and second quarter of 2017.

The current status of the availability of components can be seen here.

Once you are registered, you can do Diagnostic Tests which are available for all Modules. These are another great learning tool, to have in your Personal Testing Account. You can do these Diagnostic Tests on-line, without supervision, on any broadband connected computer that has the corresponding versions of software installed. There is a reduced fee for a set of seven Diagnostic Tests. You can also buy them individually. The Diagnostic Tests are more extensive than the Certification Tests and provide greater detail in the feedback. You should expect to take at least two times longer to do each Diagnostic Test as compared to the corresponding Certification Test. Of course, the questions are similar but not the same as those on the Certification Tests.

In Canada, each registered candidates can access the results of all their tests through their online Personal Testing Account. Test result feedback details are organized by Syllabus Section as is the training material. This makes it easier to focus on which of your skill areas are needing extra effort. Your Personal Testing Account stays in effect after you have completed your initial program. You can look at all your test results and print these results. If you keep your registered email up to date in your Personal Testing Account we can contact you with important news. Remember too that you can always keep up to date. Our programs help you update to the latest available software and operating systems or add additional modules to your profile. Just contact ICDL Canada for what we call Expansion PACs at a modest cost.

Please request your registration and pricing form by contacting ICDL Canada at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It's quick and easy. Once your registration is received you will be invoiced electronically. You will be able to pay this invoice on-line with a credit card. When payment is received we create your own Personal Testing Account and you will be under way.

If you already have ICDL Credentials, but no longer can access ICDL Testing Services where you now live in Canada we can also organize your updates or additions by transferring your account to another available Test Centre or through ICDL Custom Testing.