Computer skills can help

Computer skills can help you communicate and interact with people, access information and services online and increase your confidence and quality of life. They can also help you seek employment as well as ensure you can perform on the job.

In today's workplace, it is important that employees have the ability to use technology efficiently and effectively. Employers expect job applicants to have computer skills prior to being hired. Therefore, employees with the right skills have the potential to progress further in their careers.

Certified Computer Skills:

  • Make applicants more attractive to potential employers
  • Enable employees to be more productive
  • Increase the likelihood of career advancement

What Employers Want

Employers know that people with computer skills are more productive. They are more efficient in carrying out tasks that could otherwise be time-consuming. They use technology to communicate more effectively and waste less time troubleshooting IT issues. Employers want employees who are skilled and who will contribute to achieving the goals of the business in the most efficient, effective and productive manner. Good computer skills help individuals work in teams with greater confidence. Individuals with good computer use skills are more likely to adopt new technology which improves productivity and security in the workplace for everyone.

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