It's all about feedback and readiness

Diagnostic Tests increase your chances for success and help you focus on what you still need to study the most.

Many candidates use ICDL Diagnostic Tests at the outset of their program to quickly see what they don't know.Am I there yet? That way, they can be more efficient in their efforts to develop the skills they will need to pass the ICDL Certification Tests.

It's also about being ready and confident.  The other major use of the Diagnostic Tests is to run through them ahead of your Certification Test. It will help you know if you are ready to go or if there are areas still needing a bit of review.  If you used the test earlier, you can still use it as a review by looking through the detailed results you previously achieved.

Diagnostic Tests typically cost half the price of Certification Tests.  Using Diagnostic Tests is less expensive than going through full Certification Tests unprepared and needing to purchase Repeat Certification Test.  The Certification Tests are proctored in a location you must be in person. Diagnostic Tests can be done wherever you are connected to the Internet.

Diagnostic Tests are only available to ICDL registered candidates who already have a Personal Testing Account.

Be ready for a very thorough test. Diagnostic Tests include roughly twice as many questions as a Certification Test. Not to worry. You can do a Diagnostic Test in bite sized pieces by using the "suspend" and "resume" controls. You can stop and pick up where you left off. Be sure to use "suspend" and "resume" -- Note that ending the test will cause it to complete the marking, after which, no further question answers can be made or modified. After completion you can access the detailed results achieved and the completed test will also give you correct answers (as well as answers to questions you skipped) in the feedback.

Remember you can do Diagnostic Tests anywhere you can connect to the Internet with your PC (Mac Tests are not available in Canada) -- your computer requires current Java enabled Internet Explorer or Firefox with .NET Framework installed.

While the Diagnostic Tests questions are not the same as Certification Tests they are similar in nature and cover the Syllabus.

If you are in Custom Testing, you can order additional Diagnostic tests through ICDL Canada when you register or later on. 

See your test centre to order your tests if not in Custom Testing.

Go to your Personal Testing Account to see your results. To get the detail in results click on the title of the test you want details for under the Results Tab in your Personal Testing Account. 

In Diagnostic Tests the feedback details where you made a wrong answer and the test results show you both what your answer was as well as a correct answer.

Results feedback on Certification Tests can be helpful too. The feedback here is not at the question level nor as detailed as in Diagnostic Tests. However, the way you achieved your total mark is summarized by Syllabus Section. This will show you if you attained your overall mark by being strong in some areas but weak in others. Check the Syllabus reflection in your courseware and you will know where you need to focus your remedial efforts.