Every ICDL candidate has access to their own on-line testing account. With your username and password you can access your account from the front page of this website or by logging in directly at http://icdlca.enlight.net.

All test results and certification status or progress are visible to each candidate on-line.  To see specific test details simply click on a completed test’s title. Test results can be sorted by column (e.g. module, date, score…) and printed.

Another feature of the Personal Testing Account is that is allows candidates (if subscribed to such features) to do Diagnostic Tests or ICDL Yes! I can do it now!e-learning on their own wherever they may be connected to the Internet*. Results of Diagnostic Tests can be viewed with details -- questions missed or answered incorrectly are displayed along with the correct answer. Diagnostic tests can be purchased from your Authorized Testing Location or through the Custom Testing Program. Diagnostic Tests are typically half the price of Certification Tests.

Certification Test results, also shown in the Personal Testing Account, summarize results by Syllabus section. Certification Tests are completed only with an ICDL Certified Tester present in an Authorized Testing Location.

The feedback from all your test results help you choose where to spend extra efforts needed to attain the individual test pass rate of 75 percent.

Your Personal Testing Account can be kept after the current group of ICDL Modules are completed so you can acquire further Modules and continue your digital skills development. Your Personal Testing Account shows your record of computer use skills attainment whenever you need to refer to it. Those who in the past may have done ICDL Start, Core or Advanced modules will in the New ICDL Profile Registration have as many as 15 Modules to choose from as they build their desired ICDL Profile.

*The computer must meet the requirements for the Test System connection - you can test your computer by clicking the link at the bottom of the login page before you log in. The testing system will also automatically test your computer each time you start a test.