Moving on to the present, employers now know that their workforce may not be as productive with digital technology as they had expected it would become. Considerable effort has gone into measuring the degree to which this is the case. The natural infusion of younger generations did not impact as expected.

Studies in several leading European countries have shown some interesting results. They typically compared three groups (Digital Natives 19 – 25; 25 to 40-year-olds; and those over 40). Interestingly, all three groups showed high self-confidence in their abilities to use productivity software on computers such as word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Surprise! When tested, the results were startling — the older generation was the best, the 25 to 40-year-olds were almost as good, but the Digital Native groups were considerably lower in these skills. This pattern was repeated in several countries.

This presents a conundrum for employers: workforce digital skills are not improving by themselves but stronger digital skills are increasingly needed in day to day work. This causes more employers to see the need for improved digital skills in their organizations.

You know yourself, that if you direct your attention you can learn how to use computers at a higher level. It is a matter of application of effort but with focus on what matters most. It is then a question of doing it and finally being able to prove that you have. This is what ICDL certification has organized for you. ICDL Certification achievement is recognized by employers and higher educators the world over.

Do it and you will be happy to be able to show your own ICDL Certification to employers and employment services providers.