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ICDL CORE computer use skills in 7 Test Modules:
1. Concepts of Information Technology
2. Using the Computer and Managing Files
3. Word Processing
4. Spreadsheets
5. Database
6. Presentation
7. Information and Communications

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  • ICDL Canada is Canada’s National Operator of the world’s leading, most endorsed learning and certification programs for computer use skills.
  • ICDL Canada helps computer users improve their abilities with computers and provides them with  internationally recognized certifications of their proficiencies.
  • Anyone who has reason to touch a computer keyboard can improve their ability and increase their value and contribution to their enterprise and gain tools for learning
  • ICDL skills certification programs give computer users, the people they work for and educators an easy, fast, low cost, and high return investment opportunity to improve computer users’ proficiency and their ability to contribute and learn.
  • Certification programs are available to assist everyone from the beginner to the very advanced user.
  • ICDL Canada is raising personal and enterprise productivity by increasing computer users’ proficiency.
  • ICDL Canada provides computer use proficiency certification standards for life in the information society